About Medically Fit

Dr. Leslie Housefather, MDCM​

Owner, & Founder: Medically Fit | Family Physician | Clinical Trials Sub-Investigator

Dr. Leslie Housefather is a Toronto-based physician and founder of Medically Fit, a unique healthcare program focused on preventative health. With over 25 years of experience as a family and emergency medicine physician, Dr. Housefather brings a wealth of experience diagnosing and treating patients of all ages for various illnesses and diseases. His certifications include Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support. With Medically Fit, he channels this knowledge to help patients develop a comprehensive treatment plan that integrates diet, exercise, and any necessary medical interventions.

Dr Leslie Housefather has spent his summers as a physician for Medical Inspections at two Canadian Military and Cadets Canada bases and received a Medal of Excellence from General W.J. Natynczyk for his work in 2011. His other achievements include developing a streamlined triage system for Emergency Medicine in Quebec hospitals and training physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists in Advanced Trauma Life Support. His work has been published in several clinical research studies and he continues to act as a sub-investigator for selected clinical trials in Toronto, Ontario.

Sarah Power

Clinic Director | Clinical Exercise Physiologist (HFFC-CEP), Certified Personal Trainer (HFFC-CPT), MFSc, MEd, Medically Fit

Sarah is an Exercise Physiologist from the GTA who has made it her mission to help as many people as possible to live happier and healthier lives. Sarah obtained her kinesiology degree from York University while playing for the York University’s Women’s Ice Hockey team, followed by her Master’s of Fitness Science and  Master’s of Education. Sarah uses her multitasking and time management skills acting as Clinical Director coordinating Medically Fit’s events and corporate partnerships. Sarah has worked to use her education and various Strength and Conditioning placements to help everyone she can, whether it be for sport or everyday living, she is skilled at creating programs for any population.

With her background in sport, Sarah knows first hand what it is like to develop a custom routine that works for individual’s needs and goals. Playing  Ice Hockey at a University level,  Sarah was immersed in learning, from the smallest of details to the large patterns of movement that effects people’s lives. Sarah continues to maintain her activity by being a member of Team Canada’s Roller Hockey Team competing around the globe once a year.

Contact me at: sarah@medicallyfit.ca

Colby of Medically Fit Dr. Housefather

Colby Hathaway

Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP), MSC, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Medically Fit

Colby has worked as an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coach with a wide range of individuals from health and wellness clients to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

His goal is to positively impact people’s lives with education on lifestyle choices and exercise programs based off assessment and goal setting that drive physical adaptations.

Colby has completed a MSc from York University and BScKin from the University of New Brunswick.  

Contact me at: colby@medicallyfit.ca

Nadiya Mansuri

Clinical Exercise Physiologist (HFFC-CEP), MFSc, Medically Fit​

Nadiya is an Exercise Physiologist with a Masters in Fitness Science from York University, specializing in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling.

She is skilled at creating exercise programs for those with chronic diseases, injuries, as well as those in the general population looking to make lifestyle changes to become happy, healthy, and active!

She is dedicated to helping clients reach their goals through evidence-based practice and customization, and has a strong interest in strength training and improving heart health. She’s passionate about inspiring, motivating and empowering you to live your best life.

Contact me at: nadiya@medicallyfit.ca

Lizah Reyes

Registered Dietitian, MPH, Medically Fit​

Lizah Reyes is a Registered Dietitian who completed her Masters of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Toronto.

Her unique experience in the public and private sectors drive her professional interests to prevent disease, both at the individual and population levels.  With placements in cardiac rehab, dialysis, cancer care and geriatric rehab units, Lizah has worked with a variety of patients to educate and support them with their nutrition goals while managing chronic disease.

Lizah’s practice is based on developing positive relationships with food to help patients build sustainable healthy eating patterns for life.  She is passionate about trying new cuisines and flavours, but she also enjoys staying active through early morning weight training and inviting friends to group fitness classes to promote fun ways of movement.

Contact me at: lizah@medicallyfit.ca

Kaitlin of Medically Fit

Kaitlin Romano

Registered Dietitian, MPH, Medically Fit​

Kaitlin Romano is a Registered Dietitian who has completed her Masters of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Toronto.

Through her placements, she has gained experience in various settings including food service, private practice focused on sports performance, research, and in a diabetes education community health centre.

She has a passion for sports nutrition, disease prevention, and supporting individuals to both achieve and maintain their health goals in a sustainable, evidence-based manner. Kaitlin is also a competitive gymnastics coach and enjoys weight training, boxing, and trying new recipes on her free time!

Contact me at: kaitlin@medicallyfit.ca